Analyzer Components

Analyzer Components

SMC offers the benefit of offering a wide range of products that well suited in Analyzer applications in the In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) Industry. SMC can be a single source supplier for components like fluid isolation valves, electric actuators, liquid pumps and ionizers.

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Fluid Valves

Chemical Fluid Control Valves

LVM Chemical Valve

Compact direct operated 2/3 port solenoid valve for chemicals. It has a rocker type construction to minimize the dead volume. Operating pressure ranges from -75 kPa to 0.60 MPa. Available as body ported,  direct tube connection or base mounted.

General Fluid Valves

VDW General Fluid Valve

Good for general purpose use.  Direct acting poppet valves available in normally closed and normally open varieties.  Available in a varietey of materials including resin, aluminum, brass and stainless  steel.

Fluid Valve

VX2 General Fluid Valve

The VX2 series is 2 Port direct solenoid valve for general purpose air, medium vacuum and water. Available body materials include resin, aluminum, brass or stainless steel with port size up to 1/2 inch. Resin body is offered with one touch fitting to reduce installation time. It is also available as a manifold to reduce piping.

Electric Grippers

2 Finger Gripper

2 Finger Gripper

The LEH family of electric grippers includes three series fitted with two fingers. Series include the LEHZ standard, the LEHZJ with IP50 dust cover, and the LEHF with low profile fingers and long stroke options. Benefits include adjustable gripping forces, a drop prevention function, and gauging capability for recognizing different dimensions and outputting length measurements.

3 Finger Grippers

The LEHS series electric grippers are equipped with three fingers, offering the ability to hold round work pieces. Four sizes are available. Benefits include adjustable gripping forces, a drop prevention function, and gauging capability for recognizing different dimensions and outputting length measurements.

Electric Actuators


LEF Slider Type

Rodless type electric actuator features a load mounting platform situated above a ball screw drive or belt drive. Ball screw type advantages are better positioning repeatability than belt drives.  Belt drive  provides a more economical offering.


LES Compact Slider

The slide table electric actuator combines a motor and ball screw drive, worktable, and linear guide in compact body. Body orientations include basic, symmetrical, and inline mounted motor.


LER Rotary Type

Rotary electric actuators feature a rotating worktable positioned above an enclosure for the motor and drivetrain. Three different motor/table sizes are available, with each size offering a basic and high  torque variation. Additionally, each size offers four rotating angle options, including 90°, 180°, 310 / 320°, and continuously rotating.


LAT3 Card Motor

The LAT3 Card Motor deviates from LE actuators by implementing a unique magnetic linear motor. The ultra-compact body, integrating the recirculating ball guide, motor and encoder, is about the size of a credit card and only 9mm high. Positioning repeatability is ±5 μm, with an operating rate of up to 500 cycles per minute.

Fluid Pumps


LSP Liquid Pump

Compact solenoid type diaphragm pump, which dispenses fixed amount of liquid from 5ℓ to 200ℓ each time it is operated.


PA Process Pump

Series PA is a double acting, compact, large capacity diaphragm pump suitable for transfer and recovery of a wide variety of fluids. The PA series is available in 3 types; automatically operated, air operated or automatically operated with a built-in pulsation attenuator.


PB Compact Process Pump

The PB series is a compact, single acting diaphragm pump which is suitable for transfer and recovery of a wide variety of fluids. The PB series is available with a built-in solenoid valve or in an air operated style. Space is saved due to the centralization of piping and wiring areas on the top and bottom surfaces.



IZF Fan Ionizers

Unlike bar or nozzle types, this fan ionizer does not require a pneumatic air supply.  The fan draws in ambient air, then ionizes the air with four electrodes located around the perimeter of the discharge  grill.  The fan can be wired into a 24VDC machine power supply, or use the optional 120V AC adapter.  The small form factor adapts well to enclosure mounting, or select the benchtop mounting bracket for free  positioning.


IZS Bar Ionizers

By neutralizing static electricity, our IZS bar style Ionizer prevents damage to work pieces caused by sticking. Static charge removal time can be reduced with an optional sensor that directly senses charge  allowing the removal of static electricity at high speed (0.3s) by generating the appropriate ion polarity. Needle cartridges can be replaced quickly to reduce down time. The IZS bar style Ionizer is available  in various lengths to meet the specific needs of your work area.


IZN Nozzle Ionizers

The IZN nozzle Ionizer provides a more compact anti-static solution. A 16mm body width permits installation in narrow spaces. This ionizer is perfect for the removal of static electricity on light electrical  pieces and ideal for dust removal on injection molded parts.