Fluoropolymer Products

High Purity Products for Chemical Handling Application

In response to the latest demands in process control, SMC has incorporated leading edge product innovations and engineering excellence to develop a high purity product suite.  These high purity solutions strive to continually advance the technology of minimizing contaminates. Achieving success as a quality leader by minimizing both particulate and chemical contamination to levels compatible with the most demanding requirements.

SMC High Purity provides:

  • Excellent heat resistance
  • Clean specifications
  • Outstanding corrosion resistance
  • Numerous variations
  • Compatibility with fluid temperatures exceeding 400°F

Note for overseas shipments: Export of these products are regulated by the United States Government. Please refer to http://www.bis.doc.gov/ for Export Regulation guidelines.

*NOTE: A number of LQ3 fitting configurations are available, even beyond what is noted within the CAD access tool (examples are noted below).

Application examples:  bulk chemical distribution systems, hot chemical wet bench, chemical mechanical planarization

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Series LQ3

HyperFlare Fittings & Fluoropolymer Tubing

Leak-free industry standard fittings in critical fluid management and high grade fluoropolymer tubing.

Series: LQ3 fittings TIL tubing

Series LVQ

Fluoropolymer Valves

Air and manually operated valve options

Series: LVQ, LVD LVA, LVA threaded

Series PAF

Liquid Flow Measurement & Flow Control

Infiniflow liquid flow measurement and flow control, pressure regulators, and process pumps.

Series: LFK pressure regulators, PAF process pumps