Dust, Bulk and Powder Environment Products

Dust Resistant Products

Pneumatic components used in a dusty environment require a different design mindset. The designs must incorporate a method of sealing the dusty outside from the internal pneumatic components as well as limiting electrical and thermal energy.  Static electricity control is also a consideration in bulk and powder applications.  SMC has products that are specifically designed to be used these types of applications.

Dusty Environment Resistant Products

Selecting pneumatic components for service in a dusty environment presents some hard challenges. SMC pays attention to critical issues of reliability, selection, compact design and support. SMC offers solutions that deliver performance in the extreme applications.

Dust Resistant Cylinders (Extreme Dusty Conditions)

Option includes 2 Lub-retainers to prevent micro-powder of 30μm or less from entering the inside of the cylinder.

Dust Resistant Cylinder with Rod Scraper Option (Standard Dusty Conditions)

Option includes a heavy duty rubber scraper that removes foreign particles that may be adhered to the piston rod.

Dust Resistant Grippers with Dust Cover Option

Option includes a dust cover that protects the gripper's inside components from contamination.

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Vacuum Equipment for Dusty Environments


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