Basic Pneumatic Technology

Course Objectives

  • Introduction to Pneumatics
  • Typical Compressed Air Systems
  • Compressed Air Theory
  • Bernoulli's principle and Venturi nozzle profile
  • Air Treatment Components: FRL
  • Pneumatic Actuators: construction and working principles of cylinders, rotary actuators, grippers
  • Pneumatic Directional Valves: ways, ports, construction and working principles
  • Pneumatic Symbols
  • Pneumatic Circuits
  • Hands on Circuit Building Exercise

Course Details

  • One day, Basic 8 hour class with 'hands-on' exercises.
  • Designed as an introduction to pneumatics. Not much math, just the basics.
  • Audience: Customized to the level of the students.

Classroom Locations

SMC North American Headquarters, Noblesville, IN (Indianapolis)
Other locations can be arranged in advance.

Classroom Schedule and Registration

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