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SMC Products for Natural Resource Industries

SMC has been providing pneumatic solutions to the resources sector since 1968, including development of products to withstand the harshest environments. This results in pneumatic systems that are capable of meeting stringent resource industry requirements like:

  • Operation in wet, dusty, corrosive environments
  • Continuous 24/7 operation
  • Withstanding extreme pressures and temperatures

SMC products address the resource industry's need to provide maximum performance while minimizing energy costs and downtime. The featured products below are categorized for reference under six primary sectors.

Mining, Quarrying & Mineral Processing


CS1 Heavy Duty Large Bore
CS2 Lightweight Large Bore

CS1 heavy duty large bore steel cylinder: Double acting single rod - Low friction & air hydro models
CS2 lightweight large bore cylinder: Double acting single rod - Up to 50% reduced weight than CS1


IP8000 Positioner

The Atex compliant IP8000 E/P positioner is more compact than the IP6000 with improved visibility of the pressure indicator. Other features include an improved enclosure protection IP65, interchangeable mounting, excellent shock and vibration performance, and a 1/2 split range available by simple span adjustment.


XT316 Air Shocker

XT316 air shocker is a pneumatic piston type shock generator. Removes or prevents plugging due to bridging or adhesion of bulk material inside a hopper or chute.


VBA Booster Regulator

The specialty regulator series VBA is a booster regulator that saves money and energy by increasing the main line pressure up to two times. The booster regulator, when connected to air supply line, increases pressure up to two times and the main air supply pressure may be set low. Desired pressure increase can be easily adjusted.

Pulp, Paper, Forestry & Sawmill


NCA1 Tie Rod Cylinder

Series NCA1 medium duty tie rod cylinders are NFPA interchangeable, have a crimped piston rod assembly, are pre-lubricated and available in 11 mounting styles. Bore sizes range from 1.5 to 4 inches. The NCA1 expanded line of medium duty cylinders offer bore sizes ranging from 5 to 8 inches, and come standard with adjustable air cushion.


CQ2 Standard Cylinder

The CQ2 compact cylinder is the world's best selling pneumatic cylinder and can be supported globally. The CQ2 is available in 15 bore sizes from 12mm to 200mm. It comes standard with male or female piston rod threads. 42 standard options make it one of the most versatile cylinder series on the market. For mounting flexibility, it is possible to mount auto switches on any of the 4 surfaces.


VEX Power Valve Series

Power valve series VEX includes a regulator valve (VEX1*0), precision regulator (VEX1*3), 3 position valve (VEX3) and a economy valve (VEX5). The 3 port large capacity poppet exhausting regulator is equipped with a relief port the same size as the connection port. The 3-port, 3-position double solenoid that permits vacuum suction, vacuum destruction, & suspension (closed) is ideal for a system where many valves are used.


ALD DP Lube Unit

The ALD series, installed in a main airline, is designed to feed oil to various valves, air cylinders, air tools, etc. The use of the ALD series makes it possible to centralize control of lubrication to end-line components. This lubrication feeding system, in which oil is in the form of micro mist, ensures stable lubrication over long, complex piping systems.

Water & Waste Water


VXD Pilot Operated Valve

SMC's updated VXD series for water is a pilot operated, 2 port solenoid valve. The renewed VXD is not only smaller, but uses less power compared to the previous version. Available in brass and stainless steel, the VXD series also offers low concentration ozone resistant and oil free options. Flow rate ranges from Cv of 1.9 to 49


MGP Guide Cylinder

The MGP is designed for high side load applications found in material handling, lifting and stopping. The cylinder utilizes an ultra-compact design by incorporating the cylinder body as part of the guide body. As the stroke length increases, so does the bearing length, thus enhancing the cylinder's load bearing capacity. Available in a water resistant option.


IF Flow Switches

IF* series flow switches detect and confirm liquid flow. They are applicable to general industrial machines and various other applications. The IFW series will detect the flow of water and other non-corrosive fluids. The detection range is from 1 to 50 liters per minute. The flow setting can be adjusted with a screwdriver from the outside of the unit without removing the cover.


KQG2 Stainless Fittings

Series KQG2 is a one-touch fitting made of all stainless steel SUS316, except seal parts. The series is suitable for use with steam and is grease-free. Applicable tubing includes FEP, PFA, nylon, soft nylon, polyurethane and polyolefin. The KQG2 series is available in both metric and inch sizes. The KQG2 is more compact and lightweight, and offers more configuration variations and tube sizes than the KQG series.

Oil, Gas, Power Plants, Bio-Fuel


CG5-S Air Cylinder

SMC's CG5-S series is a stainless steel cylinder, perfect for use in wash down applications such as food processing machinery requiring intense cleaning.  The CG5-S can be disassembled, allowing replacement of seals, which promotes an extended service life.  SMC provides plugs for unused mounting threads to prevent residue build-up in the threads.  The use of stainless steel (SUS304) on external metal parts provides improved corrosion resistance in environments with exposure to water. 


VFS Metal/Rubber Seal Large Flow Valve

Series VFS consists of 5 port pilot solenoid valves with metal seals and base mounted or body ported type manifolds. Base mounted manifolds are available in plug-in and non plug-in styles. Body ported manifolds are available with bar or separate type manifold bases. Port sizes range from 1/8 to 3/4 with Rc(PT), NPTF & G(PF) thread types available. 


IR Precision Regulator

Series IR Precision Regulators are designed to be compact and light weight. The maximum set pressure has been expanded from the conventional 0.7MPa to 0.8MPa. Relief flow has been increased by nearly 5 times (compared to SMC IR201, IR401). The optional bracket and pressure gauge can be mounted on either the front or back of the unit.

Metal Processing


CA2 Tie Rod Cylinder

SMC's series CA2-Z air cylinder is light weight cylinder.  Fine adjustment is now possible due to the increase in the air cushion adjustment range.  The CA2-Z can now be ordered with rod end or pivot brackets, and mounting dimensions are the same as the existing CA2.  A variety of auto switches are available for mounting, including compact switches and magnetic field resistant switches.  The CA2-Z is available in 40, 50, 63, 80 and 100 bores sizes, and is RoHS compliant.


VPA Air Operated 3 Port Valve

SMC's 3 port air operated valve, VPA300/500/700 is available in body ported or base mounted styles.  The VPA offers a high flow capacity of Cv1.0 (VPA300), Cv2.3 (VPA500), Cv4.0 (VPA700).  It is possible to use the series as either a selector valve, or divider valve. The VPA is changeable from a normally closed style to a normally open style.


VHS Pressure Relief Lockout Valve

The VHS series provides a convenient means of isolating supplied pressure in a pneumatic system and exhausting downstream pressure for maintenance purposes.  The units can be locked in the exhaust position and can be an integral part of an energy isolation system.  Air flow direction is easily identified by handle orientation and labelling.  They can be used alone or can be conveniently connected to an FRL assembly using modular spacers.

Cement, Concrete & Aggregates


C96 Tie Rod Cylinder

Series C96 cylinders conform to ISO 15552.  The series is available with a single or double rod in 6 bore sizes from ø32 to ø125mm.  High accuracy covers and tie rod nuts improve mounting accuracy and extend the cylinder life.  Increasing the precision of the bushing and piston rod, as well as reducing tolerances, has decreased the deflection of the piston rod.  Standard strokes range from 25 to 800mm.


SY 5 Port Solenoid Valve

SMC has improved product performance and reliability with the redesigned SY series valve.  A built-in strainer in the pilot valve prevents trouble caused by foreign matter. By using H-NBR seal material for the main valve and seals, Ozone resistance has been improved.   Side, top and bottom port/pipe directions are available to allow flexible installation.  The SY is available in body ported or base mounted styles, and can be used individually or manifold mounted.


PF2 Digital Flow Switch

SMC offers a variety of digital flow switches. Series PF2A for air, PF2W for water, PF2D for deionized water and chemicals. Flow rate setting and monitoring are possible with the digital display. Integrated and remote type displays are available for different types of application. Water resistant construction is used conforming to IP65 protection. Switching from real-time flow rate to accumulated flow is possible.