E*0, Piping Adapter Assembly, AC Spare Parts

E*0, Piping Adapter Assembly, AC Spare Parts Show Description

E*0 series piping adapters facilitate the removal of an F.R.L. assembly for maintenance purposes.  The threaded connection is made to the piping adapter which is then modularly connected to the F.R.L.  They can also allow an F.R.L. assembly to be adapted to a different line size than provided by the F.R.L. itself.  The current E*0 series is no longer being produced and is subject to available quantities only.  Please utilize the E*00-A series of piping adapters for new designs.

  • Piping adapter assembly - old style
    see E*00 - New Style
  • Easy maintenance
  • Detach equipment without removing piping
  • Assembles to FRL's by simply tightening screws
  • Available with a "L" and "T" type bracket
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