ISE80, 2-Color Display Digital Pressure Switch for Positive Pressure

ISE80, 2-Color Display Digital Pressure Switch for Positive Pressure Show Description

Pressure Switch series ISE80 is designed to measure fluids such as tap water, hydraulic fluid, silicon oil, lubricant, fluorocarbon, argon, ammonia, carbon dioxide, air-containing drainage and nitrogen.  Some of the features include 2-color indication, select from back piping and bottom piping, the addition of 2MPa and -101kPa types, also low leakage type, water hammer protection, easy operation, and standardization of CE, UL/CSA and RoHS compliance. 

  • 4 indicator patterns of color combinations 
  • Choice of 2 piping directions rear and bottom ported
  • Panel or bracket mounting
  • Resolution and MPa/kPa switching function
  • Analog current output
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