MY3M, Mechanical Joint Rodless Cylinder, Slide Bearing Type

MY3M, Mechanical Joint Rodless Cylinder, Slide Bearing Type Show Description

Mechanically jointed rodless cylinder series MY3 provides high functionality with reduced height and length. The uniquely designed piston shape enables reduction of the height and length as well as practical arrangement of the common piping passages, cushion mechanism and positioning mechanism. This has achieved drastic miniaturization and weight reduction.

  • The overall length has been reduced by between 38mm and 104mm compared to MY1M series
  • The height has been reduced by between 7mm and 37mm
  • The weight has been reduced by approximately 50%
  • Sliding performance has been stabilized and the service life has been improved due to the adoption of a new sliding material
  • As compared with the existing MY3B series (basic type), the load weight and allowable moment have been approximately doubled
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