PAF5000-S, Process Pump: Automatically Operated Type, Air Operated Type, With Nut

PAF5000-S, Process Pump: Automatically Operated Type, Air Operated Type, With Nut Show Description

Designed specifically to meet industry demands, the PAF series diaphragm pump is constructed with no metallic body parts to ensure perfect compatibility when using high purity chemicals.  All wetted parts are made from either new PFA or PTFE, and the use of PPS/PFA dual construction improves both proof pressure and heat cycle perforrmance.  The PAF series offers a lightweight, compact, high flow rate solution to meet the most demanding needs.

  • Non-metallic pump compatible with various fluids
  • Automatic (PAF5410) and air (PAF5413) operated types available
  • Dual PPS/PFA structure
  • Sensors can be mounted after purchase (no pre-selection)
  • Non-metallic design, and PPS/PFA double-layer construction
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