SS5J2-60S, Plug-in Manifold (for EX180)

SS5J2-60S, Plug-in Manifold (for EX180) Show Description

The SJ series was developed by SMC to offer a small, low profile, low maintenance, 4-port solenoid valve and manifold.  The series was designed in a cassette type format, uses a card-edge type connector, and is available in two compact sizes.  The SJ2000 measures 7.5mm wide, while the large SJ3000 model is only 10mm wide.  The SJ2000/3000 can be combined in the same manifold, which can provide up to 24 stations and 32 solenoids.  The valves feature a special lock switch mechanism assuring they are securely locked together, and are compatible with Serial Interface units for both CC-Link and DeviceNet protocols.

  • Serial wiring: EX180
  • Component module: Mitsubishi Electric CC-Link Compliant (32 points), DeviceNet compliant (32 points), or DeviceNet compliant (16 points)
  • Maximum 32 stations available as standard
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