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SMC Pneumatic Products Used in Food Sealing Applications

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SMC provides the ideal breadth of products for complete systems and multiple applications.   This complete array of products results in SMC pneumatic systems that are capable of specifically meeting infinitely diverse food packaging and processing requirements such as:

  • continuous 24/7 operation,
  • stringent hygiene regulations,
  • continual wash down, and
  • extreme temperatures.

Further emphasis has been given to developing products that address two industry requirements:

  1. providing maximum operator health and safety, and
  2. addressing energy costs.

The sampling of products noted below have been included to illustrate how SMC continues to grow to meet the ever changing demands of the food packaging and processing industry. 

SMC Actuators -- Designed with Food Packaging in Mind

Standard Linear Actuator, Series CQ2

The CQ2 standard actuator series is the new standard in pneumatic actuators. The series offers an extremely lightweight aluminum construction and compact size, making the CQ2 an ideal actuator for applications with limited space requirements.

  • Options which make the CQ2 one of the most versatile cylinders on the market:
  • 42 different standard options
  • Large range of end of stroke sensors, mounted directly to the cylinder
  • Bore sizes from 12mm to 200mm
CQ2 Package

Stainless Steel Cylinders, Series CG5/CJ5

Designed for use in environments with water spray, the CG5/CJ5 series are an all stainless steel exterior actuator.  The features offered by this series directly address requirements specific to food processing machines.  For example, included in the design is a rubber rod wiper to keep potential contaminants from penetrating inside the cylinder. The rod wiper and seals are available in either NBR or FKM materials.  These enhancements increase the life of the cylinder by up to 5x. Further, the smooth exterior surface reduces the potential number of particle entrapment areas.

Options which make the CG5/CJ5 an optimal choice for food processing applications:

  • Stainless steel body
  • Rubber Rod wiper (keeps contaminants out)
  • Smooth exterior surface
  • NBR or FKM material options for the rod wiper and seals
*The CJ5 is the small bore version and is available in 12mm and 16mm bore sizes. The CG5 is available in bore sizes from 20mm to 100mm.
CG5/CJ5 Pack

Multi-Position Cylinder, Series MPC

The SMC multi-position cylinder, Series MPC, addresses application needs where an infinite number of adjustable stroke positions are required.  Accuracy in the MPC is driven by a 4~20mA or 0~10VDC input signal to automatically adjust the actuator stroke. Once the MPC reaches the desired position, it is pneumatically locked until the input signal is changed.  To address the specific needs of food processing and packaging applications, the MPC has an IP65 rating so it can be used in a wash down environment.

Features which make the MPC Series an ideal low cost pneumatic alternative to electric actuators:

  • MPC is a Cylinder + Solenoid Valve + Linear Sensor + Controller all in one unit
  • Requires only an air supply for the appropriate input signal
  • Easy adjustment for dynamic applications
  • IP65 rated for wash down environment
MPC Pack


SMC Valves -- The Heart of a Pneumatic System

Clean Style Valve Manifold, Series SY Type

Developed for the food and beverage industries, the clean style manifold has been designed to meet the specific needs of the food processing and packaging industry.  For example, the SY type manifold features an IP69K rating, thus designed to withstand high pressure and steam cleaning.  Further clean style elements are throughout the structural design.  The manifold allows for the installation of valves outside of a protective panel and closer to actuators for better control and less piping. For applications with restricted space requirements, this compact solution allows for both high and medium flow rate valves on the same manifold.  Finally, there are no gaps between the stations so that contaminant will not get trapped in those areas.

Design elements that make the clean style valve manifold ideal for the food and beverage industries include:

  • IP69K rating (can withstand high pressure and steam cleaning)
  • Protective panel
  • Smooth, gap free design
SY Clean Type

Solenoid Valve, Series SY

The SY solenoid valve series has been designed for energy efficiency and optimal flow rates.  By reducing the wattage required to hold the valve in an energized state, power consumption levels are kept at a bare minimum.   For applications requiring a compact design, the space saving SY series incorporates a narrower valve body and improved modularity.  These features allow for customization for a variety of automated manufacturing operations.  The SY Series addresses the need for flexibility required of the food industry with its' ability to change the valve's direction, size and piping, as well as the bottom port entry.  The ease-of-use of the SY is found in its' broad range of operating air pressure and customization which allow for simplified replacement valve inventory management, as well as its' "Plug and Play" concept for building pneumatic and electrical connections in the manifold.

Options within the solenoid valves that make the Series SY an energy efficient option for dynamic food and beverage applications include;

  • Ease of customization with narrow body and improved modularity
  • Ability to change valve direction, size and piping
  • Bottom port entry
  • Broad range of operating pressure
  • Broad range of customization options
SY Series
NAMUR Mount Hygienic Valve, Series VFN

The VFN valve series has been constructed from an engineered plastic PPS (Polyphenylene Sulfide) body which provides high temperature and chemical/corrosion resistance for use in wash down applications.  Suitable for use in a steam environment, the VFN valve utilizes an EPDM duckbill exhaust protector check valve which allows exhaust air to escape and prevents wash down particles entering into the valve body.  To further assist in the wash down environment, the 12mm stainless steel connector is part of the VFN construction to ensure water proof sealing.  Finally, the valve has low power consumption for compatibility with an AS-i Bus system.

Features that make the NAMUR Mount Hygienic valve a design fitting for food packaging and processing:

  • 4 options to accommodate different pressure ports on both 3 port and 5 port valves
  • Material composition which provides high temperature and chemical/corrosion resistance for wash down and steam applications
  • Water proof sealing
  • Stainless steel thread inserts
VFN Series


Air Prep -- Vital to Maintaining the Proper Function of a Pneumatic System

Epoxy Coated Air Prep, Filter/Regulator/Lubricator Series X-Options

For applications demanding enhanced protection for corrosive manufacturing environments, SMC offers a broad variety of epoxy coated FRL units.   Providing the same high quality FRL components as the standard line, these units offer an epoxy coating over die cast aluminum components to prevent corrosion. In addition, stainless steel external hardware exists for improved chemical resistance.

Features that make epoxy coating a viable, less expensive alternative to stainless steel:

  • Optional OSHA compliant lockout valve with residual pressure relief
  • Ozone resistant rubber components and stainless steel exterior screws and fill plugs
  • Excellent auto drains
  • Metal bowls are standard
Epoxy FRL
Safety Dump Valve, Series VG

The VG Series safety dump valve has been designed to ensure pneumatic systems are safe during shut down mode.  The VG improves reliability with its' duplicate inputs.  These inputs use two SMC safety switch (Series SW1 in positive operation and Series SW2 in negative operation).  Likewise, output redundancy is accomplished by using duplicate interface relay units.  This deep redundancy makes this safety dump valve highly reliable.

Features offered by the SMC safety dump valve, that make this series a best-fit for the heightened safety demands of food and packaging:

  • Multi-level redundancy for improved reliability
  • External pilot can be used for vacuum
  • Changeable actuation (easy conversion to N.C., N.O., or external pilot)
  • No lubrication required
  • Rubber seal
VG Series
Automatic Leak Detection System, Series ALDS

Automatic leak detection systems reduce operating costs by quickly identifying leaks.  Series ALDS is a simple, low cost solution which detects air leakage in compressed air circuits.  ALDS can actively monitor leakage while a machine is in maintenance mode.  Consisting of a flow switch (Series PFM711), a solenoid valve (EVS7 ISO), and an aluminum manifold, this simple device is a critical component of your energy conservation and cost reduction efforts.

Features that define the Series ALDS, automatic leak detection system, as a tool suited to reduce costs include:

  • Can run in Category 3/4 safety environments
  • Leak tests can run often (daily)
  • Leaks detectable between 2~100 liters/min
  • Lower cost, more precise than sonic detector audits
  • Save energy, maintain optimal performance



Vacuum Products -- For Unique Work Piece Holding Solutions

Multistage Vacuum Ejector, Series ZL

The ZL Series multistage vacuum ejector is an energy saving, high flow, 3 stage ejector.  For applications demanding vacuum generation, the ZL Series has a flow rate increase of 250% and reduced air consumption by 20% when compared to previous offers.  The large flow rate version (Series ZL212) maintains the compact size and utilizes two parallel 3 stage diffusers for large flow rate.   For greater flexibility and convenience, Series ZL112 adds supply and break valves.  This series is unique in that it can be assembled into vacuum digital switches.

Attributes that make the SMC multistage vacuum ejector unique:

  • Supply port and vacuum port have one-touch fitting specifications
  • 3 universal mounting options (top, bottom, side)
  • Installation of vacuum gauge, vacuum digital switch, supply valve, and break valve is available

ZL Series
Vacuum Saving Valve, Series ZP2V

The SMC vacuum saving valve, Series ZP2V provides energy conservation, increased efficiency, and simplified piping.  Energy savings is obtained as the ZP2V restricts vacuum flow when a workpiece is not in place.  Next, efficiencies are gained in applications that require multiple types of parts to be held.  Utilizing many vacuum pads and one vacuum generator, the vacuum flow will be restricted to the pads that are not used thus allowing the holding pads to function properly. Finally, the ZP2V eliminates the need to switch operation when changing work pieces; thus simplifying the control circuit and piping.

Features of the vacuum savings valve, Series ZP2V, that  help to lower production costs:

  • Restricts vacuum flow when a workpiece is not in place
  • No need for switching operation when changing workpieces
ZP2V Series
Non-Contact Cyclone Pad, Series XT661

The non-contact Cyclone Pad, as the name implies, offers non-contact workpiece holding. This Series, XT661, is ideal for holding workpieces with an uneven surface finish or viscous surfaces.  For use with paper packaging supplies, for example, the non-contact cyclone pad uses air from the supply port which is ejected from a nozzle to create a whirlwind flow. Inside the cylindrical whirlwind flow, a vacuum is created. The flow creates an air layer between the workpiece and the unit while the generated vacuum holds the workpiece.

The non-contact cyclone vacuum pad is idea for applications where the workpiece is:

  • Sensitive to scars of suction traces (liquid crystal glass)
  • Porous (paper, cardboard, lumber, etc)
  • Thin (film, copper film, etc)
  • Filled with holes (substrate)
XT661 Series


Fittings and Tubing -- Suited for the Food Packaging Industry

Stainless Steel One-Touch Fittings, Series KQG2

Series KQG2, the all stainless steel one-touch fittings, have been designed for superior chemical and temperature resistance. Using SUS316 for all metal components and FKM for seals, the KQG2 series can be used in wash-down and other corrosive environments. This construction also enables them to be used in higher temperatures such as package sealing applications. Operating fluid temperature of the fitting is 23° to 302° F. Finally, a broad base of port connection thread types are available and include M, R, Rc, UNF, NPT and G (inch and metric tubing sizes are also available).

Features of the stainless steel one-touch fittings appropriate for the food processing and packaging industry include:

  • Superior chemical and temperature resistance
  • SUS316 components and FKM seal
  • Appropriate for steam use
KQG2 Series
Brass One-Touch Fittings, Series KQB2

Our metal one-touch fittings, Series KQB2, are made from electroless nickel plated brass and are oil and grease free. Ideal for use in harsher environments, the fittings can withstand temperature ranges from 23° to 302°F. Not unlike our stainless steel options, a broad base of port connection thread types are available, including M, R, Rc, UNF, NPT and G (inch and metric tubing sizes are also available).

Benefits of the brass one-touch fittings include:

  • Superior chemical and temperature resistance
  • Nickel plated brass components


KQB2 Series
Polyethylene Tubing, Series PEAPP

Polyethylene tubing, Series PEAPP, is FDA compliant.  Constructed from a linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) tubing, the LLDPE resin is economical and lightweight.  Typical applications for this type of tubing include transferring of air, liquids and chemicals in industrial applications. The PEAPP series can be used for applications requiring FDA compliance, in humidifier fill lines, drain lines and instrument air lines. It also provides excellent environmental stress crack resistance and resistance to solvents.

Unique abilities of polyethylene tubing which make it a good fit for the food packaging and processing industry are:

  • FDA compliant (FDA Type 1, Class A, Category 4 complying with FDA21 CFR177.1520)
  • Lightweight and economical
  • Chemically inert
  • Excellent resistance to solvents and stress crack resistance
PEAPP Tubing


Other SMC Product That Solve Unique Packaging Industry Problems

Recirculating Thermo-Chiller, Series HRS

SMC chillers, Series HRS, provide temperature-controlled circulating fluid to control the temperature of heat sources in devices and equipment.  As many models incorporate a heat source as well, they are also called circulators.   Particularly in food sealing applications, maintaining a fixed temperature can improve the quality, reliability, and service life of equipment.  Further, by utilizing a closed loop cooling system, higher energy costs and negative environmental impact of running cooling water to drain is avoided.

Series HRS Thermo-chillers are ideal components for food sealing applications as they provide:

  • Optional air or water cooled models
  • Conformity to UL specifications, CE marked
  • Environmentally friendly R407C refrigerant
  • Compact and efficient design for shedding waste heat allows the HRS to be placed under workbenches and in close proximity to one another


Ionizer Bar, Series IZS31

The ionizer bar, Series IZS31, is practical and efficient.  By neutralizing static electricity (in plastic packaging applications for example), our Series IZS bar-style Ionizer prevents damage to work pieces caused by sticking.  Further efficiencies can be gained with the addition of an optional sensor which directly senses charge allowing the removal of static electricity at high speed (0.3s) by generating the appropriate ion polarity.  Further, needle cartridges can be replaced quickly to reduce down time. Finally, the IZS bar-style Ionizer is available in various lengths to meet the specific needs of your work area.

Ideal for plastic packaging applications, the ionizer bar Series IZS31 features:

  • Rapid elimination of static electricity by a feedback sensor
  • Ion balance control by an auto-balance sensor
  • Discharge time of 0.3 seconds
IZS31 Ionizer

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