Manuals for Electric Actuators

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All files are in PDF format.
Actuators & Grippers

LEF Slider

LEF AC Servo Slider

11-LEF Slider Clean Room

LEH/Z/F/S 2 & 3 Finger Grippers

LEJ Slider

11-LEJ Slider Clean Room

LEL Guide Rod Slider

LEM Low Profile Slider

LEPY/LEPS Miniature Slide Table

LER Rotary Table

LES Slide Table

LEY/G Rod & Guided Rod

LEY/G AC Servo Rod & Guided Rod

E-MY2B e-Rodless Basic

E-MY2C/H/HT e-Rodless


LECA6 Servo Motor Controller (24VDC): Operation Manual | Wiring Method

LECP6 Step Motor Controller (Servo 24VDC): Operation Manual | Wiring Method

LECP7-XB3 Simple Absolute Step Motor Controller (Servo 24VDC): Operation Manual

LECP1 Programless Controller: Operation Manual | Wiring Method

LECP2 Programless Controller (with stroke study): Operation Manual

LECPA Step Motor Controller (pulse input type): Operation Manual | Wiring Method

LECPMJ CC-Link Direct Input Type Step Motor Controller: Operation Manual | Wiring Method

JXC91 EtherNet/IP Direct Input Type Step Motor Controller: Operation Manual | Config File

JXCP1 PROFINET Direct Input TypeStep Motor Controller (Servo/24VDC): Operation Manual | Config File

JXC93 EtherNet/IP 4-axis Step Motor Controller: Operation Manual | Config File

JXC-W1 Controller Setting Software for 4-axis Step Motor Controller: Operation Manual

JXC73/83 4-axis Step Motor Controller (parallel I/O type): Operation Manual

Controller Setting Software (LECP6, LECA6, LECPA)

LEC-W2 Driver for Windows 8.1 (Install File) *Also for use with LECPMJ

LEC-W2 Installation Guide Windows7/XP (PDF)

LEC-W Software Operation Manual (PDF)

LEC-W Version Updgrade Procedure Guide (PDF)

LEC-W Version Upgrade V1.2.0.0 (PDF & Install File)

LEC-W1 Patch for Windows 7 32bit compatibility (Install File)

Fieldbus Systm Gateway (GW) Unit for Electric Actuators

LEC-GEN1 EtherNet/IP™: Operation Manual | Configuration File | IP Address Setting Software

LEC-GDN1 DeviceNet™: Operation Manual | Configuration File

LEC-GPR1 PROFIBUS DP: Operation ManualConfiguration File

LEC-GMJ2 CC-Link: Operation Manual

LEC-G Series: Wiring Method

AC Servo Motor Drivers

LECSA Pulse Input (Incremental Encoder): Full Manual | Quick Guide | Wiring Method

LECSB Pulse Input (Absolute Encoder): Full Manual | Quick Guide

LECSC CC-Link Direct Input (Absolute Encoder): Full Manual | Quick Guide

LECSS SSCNET III (Absolute Encoder): Full Manual | Quick Guide

LECSS2-T SSCNET III/H: Full Manual | Quick Guide

LECS Parameter Configuration using Setup Software (MR Configurator2™): Full Manual

LECY Parameter Configuration using Setup Software (MR Configurator2™): Full Manual

LECYM MECHATROLINK-II: Full Manual | Quick Guide

LECYU MECHATROLINK-III: Full Manual | Quick Guide

Other Controller Software & Manuals

LEC-WM Monitor Software for Motor Controller (LECP6, LECA6, LECPA, LECPMJ)

LEC-BCW Data Writing Software for Blank Controller (LECP6/A6/PA/PMJ-BC)

LEC-T1 Teaching Box Operation Manual

SigmaWin+ Setup Software (LECYM & LECYU)

SigmaJunmaSize+ Software for AC Servo Drive Capactiy Selection (LECYM & LECYU)

Card Motor & Controllers

LAT3 Card Motor Operation Manual

LATC4 Card Motor Controller Operation Manual

LATCA Card Motor Controller (Serial Communication)

LATCA Card Motor Controller (Step Data Input)

LATCA Card Motor Controller (Pulse Input)

LATC-W1 Controller Setting Software Installation Manual

LATC-W2 Controller Setting Software Installation Manual

LAT3/LATCA Card Motor Simple Setting (Step Data Input)

LZ & Controller

LZB Electric Cylinder

LZC Electric Cylinder

LC3F2 Directional Control Driver for Electric Cylinder

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