Product Innovations

Research and Development for the Next Generation.

SMC's advanced research and development staff reviews each requirement from every angle in order to provide our customers with products to satisfy their needs in terms of function, quality, cost and delivery.

SMC's tradition of developing products from the customer's standpoint, promotes research into basic technologies for future products, and also produces tailor-made products through adaptation to the requirements of the marketplace.


<p>High Purity Products</p>

High Purity Products

Products for the Toughest Environments

<p>Speed Controller with Pilot Operated Check Valve</p>

Speed Controller with Pilot Operated Check Valve

ASP Series

<p>Safely Pressurize Equipment at Start-up</p>

Safely Pressurize Equipment at Start-up

AV Soft Start Valve

<p>Locking and End Lock Cylinders</p>

Locking and End Lock Cylinders

Rod Lock Cylinders

<p>Energy Saving Vacuum Generation</p>

Energy Saving Vacuum Generation

Series ZK2

<p>Pilot Operated 2 Port Solenoid Valve</p>

Pilot Operated 2 Port Solenoid Valve

VXD Series

<p>2- and 3-Finger Grippers with Electronic Motion Control</p>

2- and 3-Finger Grippers with Electronic Motion Control

Series LEH Electric Grippers

<p>Ultra-Compact Electric Linear Guide Actuator</p>

Ultra-Compact Electric Linear Guide Actuator

LAT3 Card Motor

<p>Output Signals for Critical Pressures</p>

Output Signals for Critical Pressures

Series ISE/ZSE30A

<p>Multiposition Cylinder</p>

Multiposition Cylinder

Series MPC


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