Question: What is the cycle life for CBG1 series


The data has been validated from life testing results.

  • Cylinder : 10 million reciprocating cycles or 3,000 km travel distance,whichever comes first.
  • Lock unit : 5million cycle.

Product Life

  • Product life shown in this material is for reference to use for model selection, and not the actual warranted values.
  • Maintenance including regular replacement of seals and grease improves product life.
    Please refer to the life guideline above for the average maintenance intervals.

Conditions for the expected product life

  • Specifications and values published in catalogs, drawings and operation manuals are satisfied.
  • Introduction of foreign matter, including drain, into the operating fluid may cause lubrication failure.

Regular inspection

For regular maintenance, please replace seals, add grease, or replace the product as necessary in accordance with the check items shown below. Please refer to the catalog for details.

  • Air leakage from seals
  • Sliding mark on the piston rod
  • Change in operating condition and change in the minimum operating pressure
  • Presence of a grease film on the sliding surface

Last Update: 1/19/2021

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