Question: What is the difference between a magnet type rodless cylinder and a mecha-joint type rodless cylinder?


  • Mecha-joint Type (MY series)Video
    In the mecha-joint type, slits are made in areas of the cylinder tubing which connect the external sliders to the piston. The slits use the seal belt to form a seal on the inside to form the cylinder vessel. The table part may become more easily affected by the surrounding atmosphere if the seal belt becomes detached internally. For this reason, a dust seal band is mounted to protect the seal band and piston seal. Tiny amounts of constant air leakage may occur as complete seals cannot be created due to the product design. Operation speed is from 80~100mm/s to high speed ranges. Air cushions or shock absorbers can be used.
  • Magnet Cylinder Type (CY series)Video
    In the magnet cylinder type (CY series), a piston mounted with powerful magnets is operated inside the cylinder tube, and driven by the pulling force on the external sliders created by a magnetic force. Care must be taken with operation pressure as the internal and external cylinder magnets are magnetically linked. There is no external air leakage as can be found in the mecha-joint type. Operation speed is from 50~70mm/s to mid speed ranges.