Question: It is stated that the circulating fluid used in the HRS series is tap water or 15% ethylene glycol aqueous solution. Can I use tap water or deionized water?


You can use tap water that satisfies the water quality standard.

When de-ionized water is used as the circulating fluid, please select the option -M (Applicable to de-ionized water piping). The resulting specifications do not use copper-based material as the material of the parts that are in contact with fluid in the circulating fluid circuit.

[Note 1: Regarding the water quality standard, please refer to the Specific Product Precautions of the HRS.]
[Note 2: Upper limit of the applicable resistivity HRS□-M: Up to 4.5 MΩ・cm, HRS/HRSH (standard): Up to 1 MΩ・cm]
[Note 3: The DI filter which keeps the electrical resistance is separately available.]