Question: How to stop electric actuators with the controller LECA6?


Basically, there are 3 methods to the stop the electric actuators with the controller.
1. When the stop is activated. (e.g. The signal is input to the EMG terminal of the power connector CN1)
2. Stop by activating the RESET (e.g. Reset of the alarm and the stopping of operations)
3. Stop by turning HOLD ON (e.g. Operation stop)

Regarding the 3 methods:
For method 1. the servo motor is turned OFF automatically.
For methods 2. and 3. the servo motor is kept ON when activating by these methods.
For methods 1. 2. and 3, the return to origin is not necessary when operation is restarted.
When the control power supply is OFF or SETON signal is OFF due to the alarm etc, please conduct the return to origin when starting operation.