Question: Is there a maximum rotations on LER continuous rotary?


The teach pendant has a display limitation and to use the ACT software if you need to do a relative move over +/-9999.99°. Also when using the ACT software, there is a limitation of ±20,000,000.00° if performing a relative move.

Setting range of continuous rotation
If the set range of continuous rotation exceeds +/-9999.99°, use the controller kit (LEC-W2). Teaching box (LEC-T1) has a limit for the display angle.
(1) Controller setting kit / LEC-W2 Relative method ±20,000,000.00°(Approx. 55555 rotations)
(2) Teaching box / LEC-T1 Relative method ±9999.99°(Approx. 27 rotations)


Last Update: 5/19/2020

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