Question: Does the PF3A7 flow switch clear its accumulated flow when the power supply is removed?


PF3A7 series flow switch will clear the accumulated flow upon power off by default.


[F30] Setting of accumulated value hold

This function enables the accumulated flow value to be stored in permanent memory every 2 or 5 minutes.

When using the accumulated value hold function, calculate the product life from the operating conditions, and use the product within its life. Maximum updating time of the accumulated value is 1.5 million times.

If the product is operated 24 hours per day, the product life will be as follows.

  • Data memorized every 5 minutes: 5 minutes x 1.5 million times = 7.5 million minutes = 14.3 years
  • •Data memorized every 2 minutes: 2 minutes x 1.5 million times = 3 million minutes = 5.7 years

If the Accumulated Flow External Reset is repeatedly used, the product life will be shorter than calculated life

Instruction on how to set [F30] value



Last update: 5/13/2020