Question: What is the backlash of the rotary actuator (rack and pinion type)?


This generally refers to the clearance between interlocking teeth of gears, however in the context of rotary actuators, the play in the rotation direction of the output shaft of the swinging end is referred to as the backlash. In the single rack and pinion type (CRA1 series), backlash is generated in the output shaft of the swinging end. Please use an external stopper where necessary.

In the double piston type (CRQ,MSQ series), no backlash is generated in the output shaft.
movie(Backlash) movie(Backlash Single) movie(Backlash Double)

If one of the pistons comes into contact with the stopper and is stopped, by opening up space where the other piston can continue to move, the power of one piston can be used in the pinion gear to absorb backlash. However, the holding torque at the swinging end will be half of the effective torque.
(The mini-rotary CRJ series employs a design in which backlash will not be generated at the single even if a single rack type is used.)