SMC Products for the Food Processing & Packaging Industry

Food & Packaging

SMC provides a broad array of products for complete systems and multiple applications. This results in pneumatic systems that are capable of meeting diverse food processing and packaging requirements like:

  • Continuous 24/7 operation
  • Stringent hygiene regulations
  • Continual wash down
  • Operating in extreme temperatures

SMC products address the industry requirements of providing maximum performance while minimizing energy costs and downtime. The featured products below are categorized for reference under: Food Sanitation & Hygienic, Environment Resistant, Energy Saving/Reduced Wiring, High Speed, Temperature Control, High Pressure, Safety, Adsorption Transfer, Static Control, and Steam.

Food Sanitation & Hygienic

Environment Resistant

Energy Saving/Reduced Wiring

High Speed

Temperature Control

High Pressure


Adsorption Transfer

Static Control