CQ2/MGP-XC4 - Dust Resistant Cylinder

  • Up to 6 times more durable in dusty environments
  • Applicable powder particle size: 20 to 100 μm
  • Suitable for environments with ceramic powder, toner powder, paper powder, and metallic powder ∗Excludes weld spatter
  • Can be selected according to the application
  • A Lube-retainer (stable lubrication function) and a heavy-duty scraper can be mounted on the piston rod.
  • For the MGP series compact guide cylinder, they can also be mounted on the guide rod (one or both sides).
  • The rod cover assembly can be replaced according to the operating environment. ∗Only for bore sizes ø20 to ø32 of the CQ2 series (Cannot be replaced for the MGP series)