SMC Corporation Exhibits at Pack Expo East in Philadelphia, March 3 - 5

SMC Corporation of America will exhibit at Pack Expo East 2020 in Philadelphia at the Philadelphia Convention Center, Booth 1419, March 3 – 5 and co-sponsor the Packaging & Processing Women’s Leadership Network (PPWLN) Breakfast on March 4 (W) at 8:00 am in Room 119AB.

SMC is committed to automation, safety enhancement, Industrial IoT integration and “Smart” components focusing on the Food & Beverage, Packaging, Pharmaceutical/Medical Device and Chemical industries with domestic engineering, manufacturing, inventory and hands-on sales and technical support.

SMC will exhibit automation products focused on safety and controls:

  • EX600 Compact Wireless Fieldbus Communication for EtherNet/IPTM Protocol – Safe, secure wireless communication within a 10-meter radius and frequency hopping every 5 ms.
  • JSXFA 2-Port Dust Collector Jet Pulse Valve – is rated for 10 million cycles for extended longevity in reverse jet dust collector applications.
  • Wash Down SUS and Environment Resistant Actuators – Designed with a flat configuration, eliminating switch grooves and holes for cushion needles to prevent pooling of liquids and allow for easy wipe down of actuator surfaces.
  • Wash Down Electric Actuators, LEY Series – Easy to program electric actuators that are compact, lightweight and have standard dust seal bands with flexible mounting options.
  • ISO13849-1, Category 3/4, Safety Dump Valves, VG342 / VP744 Series – Quickly exhaust residual air pressure in conformance to Category 3/4 and ISO13849-1 for machine safety.
  • Automatic Leak Detection Systems (ALDS) – Designed to detect air leakage as they occur by monitoring air flow loss on a machine or within a system instead of conducting time consuming and costly ultrasonic leak detection audits.
  • IZT, Low Profile Static Electricity Elimination Ionizers – Neutralize static electricity using the auto balance or feedback sensors to optimally control ion generation and distribution.
  • Vacuum Multi-Stage Ejectors and Cups, ZK2 and ZP3P – Provides energy conservation with 90% reduced air consumption, increased efficiency, and simplified piping in a contact manifold package complimented with FDA compliant bellows vacuum cups.
  • Energy Saving Solenoid Valves, New SY Series – Versatile, side, top and bottom porting locations with built-in safety features such as back pressure check valve options. Long cycle life from 70 million up to 200 million cycles. Available in IP67 protection.

Visit SMC's Booth 1419 – Pennsylvania Convention Center, 1101 Arch St, Philadelphia, PA 19107

Exhibit Dates & Hours:

  • March 3 - 5 (T - Th)    10:00 – 4:00, Daily

For more information, visit our Pack Expo page