AZ12PA, Pneumatic Actuation Pressure Regulator, High Flow (Tied-diaphragm)

Series AZ is an ultra high purity (UHP) regulator for gas delivery in semiconductor and other clean industries. The series is available in low to high flow capacities, with some models offering a tied-diaphragm design. Available options include Hastelloy® internals for corrosion resistance, and a tube stub weld fitting connection.

  • Actuation control pressure isolated from process gas by two seals
  • Body material: 316L SS
  • High inlet pressure type: Standard Max. 1700 psig (11.7 MPa); HR: Max. 3000 psig (20.7MPa)
  • Flow capacity: Standard to 800 slpm; HF (Option) to 1000 slpm 
  • Ni-Cr-Mo alloy internals available for corrosion resistance
  • 100 psig (0.69 MPa) outlet pressure achievable with 80 psig (0.55 MPa) control pressure or less
AZ12PA, Pneumatic Actuation Pressure Regulator, High Flow (Tied-diaphragm)
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