LECP7-XB3 Absolute Controller, (Servo 24 DC) for LER

The LECP7-XB3 is a controller for LE's 24VDC step motors. It is similar to the LECP6 controller, with the addition of a battery backup. The motor position signal can be monitored immediately after power is shut off or lost, regardless of the actuators operation. A return to origin is not required after power recovery. The nickel hydride battery has a 72 hour recharging time, up to 20 days of position retention, and a 2-yr replacement life.

  • Compatible with 24VDC step motors
  • Factory-preset parameters permit quick start up
  • up to 64 positioning points can be entered
  • Data entry by PC or teaching pendant
  • NPN or PNP parallel I/O types
  • Direct screw or DIN rail mounting
  • Compatible with LEH, LES, LEY, LEF, LER, LEL, LEM and LEP
  • "Note: LECP7-XB3 is suitable for U.S. applications only, due to battery recycling requirements."
LECP7-XB3 Absolute Controller, (Servo 24 DC) for LER
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