CY1S-Z, Magnetically Coupled Rodless Cylinder Slider Type: Slide Bearing

CY1S-Z, Magnetically Coupled Rodless Cylinder Slider Type:  Slide Bearing Show Description

With no external leakage, the CY series can be used in many diverse environments. Magnetically coupled cylinders have a wide range of applications, and save mounting space. A variety of guides can be used to achieve the necessary accuracy or allowable moment needed for your application. CY is available in 7 bore sizes, from 6mm to 40mm with standard stokes up to 1000mm. The 5 different model variations offer widest application choice. Auto switches are integrated as standard.

  • Slider style: slide bearing
  • Bore sizes: 6, 10, 15, 20, 25, 32, & 40 (mm)
  • Strokes from 50mm through 1000mm
  • Available with shock absorbers
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