National Pneumatics Day


Join us Friday April 26, 2024 to celebrate National Pneumatics Day at one of our nationwide open houses to learn about industry trends, latest product innovations, and problem-solution oriented workshops.

For a full listing of participating branches and registration, click here NATIONAL PNEUMATICS DAY OPEN HOUSES

Workshops vary by branch; an overview of each workshop is detailed below. If you cannot attend or would like to have a personalized workshop topic, contact your local sales representative.



  • Smart Eco-Factory: Best Practices for Reduced Downtime, Cost, and CO2 Footprint
    • Learn about Smart Eco-Factories and best practices for identifying opportunities to reduce machine downtime, improve energy savings for reduced operational cost, and achieving sustainability objectives with reducing CO2 emissions.
  • New Product Innovations in Automation-Controls-Process
    • Explore the latest product innovations developed to support industrial manufacturing applications and emerging market trends.



  • Your Future Factory with Air Management System
    • An overview of what Factory of the Future means and the impact of sustainability, condition-based maintenance, and digitalization to your factory to improve efficiencies and reduce your carbon footprint. Application examples highlight features and implementation of AMS Series to achieve these goals.
  • Empowering Precision with Electric Actuators
    • An overview of electric actuator technologies including basic concepts, pros & cons, the ease of use, and emerging market trends & technologies. Application examples highlight features and implementation of LE Series and EQ Series.
  • Cutting the Cable with Wireless Industrial Communication
    • An overview of wireless industrial communication technologies including basic concepts, pros & cons, development for merging market trends & technologies. Application examples highlight features and implementation of EXW1 and EX600-W Series.
  • Navigating Online Model Selection Software and eTools
    • A demonstration and Q&A session on's online model section software and eTools including the popular modular air preparation configurator and valve manifold configurator.
  • Controlling the Flow of Your Process
    • An overview of industrial needs for fluid handling and understanding challenges, chemical compatibility, flow control, and applications such as cooling and dispending. Application examples highlight the process automation features and implementation of JSX Series.
  • Emerging Technologies: End-of-Arm Tooling for Robots and Cobots
    • An overview of the emerging market trends and technologies of automation products for industrial robots and collaborative robots specifically end-of-arm tooling. A deep dive for the basics for product selection, pros & cons of plug-and-play implementation, and future of product development for the industry. Application examples highlight features and implementation of grippers, vacuum, and cobot plug-and-play products.
  • Digital Manufacturing: An Overview of Controls, System Architecture, and PLC Basics
    • An overview of controls and system architecture including simplifying PLC basics, industrial communication, and I/O devices in the automation industry. Application examples highlight features and implementation of varying controls related products.
  • Pitching Pneumatics: Quick Product Demos
    • A quick hands-on demonstration of varying products supporting the latest market needs for automation, controls, and process applications.
  • Using Suction to Pick, Place, and Palletize: Overview of Vacuum Products
    • An overview of vacuum products to understand the basic concepts, applications, challenges of product selection, and market trends for the industry. Application examples highlight features and implementation of varying vacuum related products including generator and suction cups.



National Pneumatics Day

National Pneumatics Day, founded by SMC Corporation of America in 2021, is celebrated annually on April 27. SMC Corporation was founded on this same day in 1959 and has since become the world’s largest supplier of pneumatic components for industrial automation. This day celebrates the power of air and the importance of pneumatics in sustainable automation.

As the leading global manufacturer of pneumatic components, SMC supports the responsible and sustainable use of pneumatics. We partner with our customers to discover creative ways to reduce overall compressed air and electrical consumption more than anyone else in the industry. Our comprehensive approach focuses on consuming less raw materials in our manufacturing process by making our products smaller, lighter, and extending the operating life.

How to Celebrate

This day is to be celebrated by maintaining your industrial compressed air system. Some maintenance practices include:

  • Minimizing air leaks
  • Changing the element in pneumatic air filters
  • Reducing the supply pressure from air compressors

The combination of these practices helps to reduce electrical consumption, industrial CO2 emissions, and machine downtime.

How SMC Celebrates

SMC celebrates in a few different ways:

  1. We host webinars about pneumatic systems, their maintenance, and sustainability in automation.
  2. We present a company with the Sustainability in Automation Award.
  3. We host a Community Day for the public to learn about SMC, pneumatics, and sustainability in automation.
  4. We host a Social Media Contest for Next Generation Engineers in recognition of the future of the industry.

National Pneumatics Day Open Houses