SMC Corporation of America has instituted a quality management system. This quality management system addresses the requirements of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Quality Standards as defined in ISO 9001:2015.

This Quality System has been approved by all levels of management for issue and implementation within the company. The purpose of this quality system is to assure that all products and services provided will meet or exceed the requirements specified by our customers, thereby contributing to the continued growth and prosperity of the company and its stake holders.

Quality System Features

  • Eleven members on Quality Assurance staff
  • World class metrology and inspection lab
  • Certified Supplier Program

Quality Policy

Continually improve by bringing together the wisdom of all of SMC's employees and by having the ideas of Customer First and Quality First as our core business structure.

  1. Customer First - Strive to respond promptly to customer demand and provide service that satisfies the customer.
  2. Plan Initiative - Each employee shall be devoted to "Quality First" and shall execute the PDCA methodology to improve quality in their areas of responsibility.
  3. Source Control - In order to establish a quality assurance system using source control, strive to discover and understand problems in the early stages so that they can be resolved quickly.
  4. Full Participation - Every employee must recognize his/her own responsibility to produce the quality that customers expect. All employees shall act to improve quality.

To achieve these quality policies, establish and maintain a quality management system on which all related employees can act. Strive to continually improve these quality policies by maintaining and promoting this system.