Training Information

You want the best training in the industry for your employees. They need the skills and experience to understand, upgrade and maintain your equipment so you can keep your customers coming back!

SMC Corporation of America has a long tradition of offering quality, real-world training to its customers, distributors and anyone else interested in Pneumatics applications. The value-added services we offer include:

Classroom Learning

Instructor-led classroom instruction with labs, student manuals, hands-on and real world application.

Classroom Courses (click for more detail)

Classroom Locations

SMC North American Headquarters, Noblesville, IN (Indianapolis)
Other locations can be arranged in advance.

Classroom Schedule and Registration

Click to go to SMC Classroom Training Calendar and click on your class to register.

Online Learning

Self-paced series of training courses for the student to explore with audio explanations, graphic animations, instructional videos and tests to assure clarity and understanding of the objectives. Watch the instructional video below to see how to get access to and complete these courses.

Online Courses

100+ Beginner/Basic/Advanced/Expert Courses

Course Topics

  • Production and Transport of Compressed Air
  • Pneumatic Actuators
  • Fittings and Tubing
  • Air Preparation characteristics and selection
  • Basic Knowledge
  • Valves, Characteristics and Selection
  • Pneumatic actuators: Characteristics and selection
  • Energy saving SMC basic principles and solutions
  • Pressure Booster and High Pressure Regulators
  • Introduction to Rotary Actuators
  • Introduction to Grippers
  • Instrumentation
  • Advance level Mechanical Flow and Pressure Switches
  • SMC Digital Pressure Sensors
  • Advanced Digital Flow Sensors
  • Vacuum Technology: Advanced Level
  • ... and Many More!

Online Locations

Anywhere you have an internet connection and a network device.

Training Equipment 

Taking INDUSTRY's needs as their benchmark, our products target universities, vocational training centres and technical training centers, plus major companies who provide their own training internally.