Commercial Cleaning Laundry Industries Products

Commercial Cleaning Laundry Industries Products

Pneumatic actuators, solenoid valves, air filters and regulators for fluids, damp and steamy operations require robust components designed and built for protection against harsh environments. Large flow solenoid valves can speed up water and liquid filling to reduce cleaning cycle times as well as increase gas supply volume to reduce drying cycle times . The full range of components are available in: water-resistant, anti-corrosive, heat-resistant, and cold-resistant enhanced variations for cleaning equipment: chemical/detergent dosing, batch tunnel washers washer extractors, steam tunnel finishers, feeding/folding/ironing machines, and dryers etc.

Solenoid Air Operated Valves for Washing Drying Feeding Finishing Folding and Handling Operations

Solenoid Valves for Water, Steam, Oil and Air Applications

Valves & Pumps for Chemicals/Solvents

Actuators for Batch Tunnel Washers & Washer Extractors

Actuators for Feeding, Finishing, Ironing, Folding and Handling Equipment

Air Preparation, Filters and Pressure Regulators