Protect Machines from Premature Wear with Soft-Start Valves

Optimizing machine productivity can manifest itself in many different forms such as: operating 24/7, running production lines at maximum throughput or minimizing machine downtime. One way to reduce machine downtime is by increasing its overall lifecycle or by extending the interval between regularly scheduled maintenance and repair.

A machine is subject to additional stress and risks to premature wear when it is powered up and pressurized with compressed air after a scheduled shut-down or a safety event because the surge in air pressure will create rapid movements in the actuators and that can cause premature wear or may even escalate into a hazardous situation.

One solution is to slowly and incrementally increase the air pressure into the machine until a preset air pressure threshold is achieved before fully pressurizing the machine’s air system to help avoid a harsh start and facilitate a soft-start to all downstream components. The advantages will be that downstream components will move slowly into position allowing opposing air pressure to accumulate in the actuators in order to create enough air volume to meter out and protect from a runaway cylinder.