10/11/12/21/22-CXS, Dual Piston Rods, Clean Room Series, Copper Fluorine Silicone-free

SMC's clean room version of the CXS dual rod cylinder is available in 6 bore sizes (6, 10, 16, 20, 25 and 32mm) with stroke lengths up to 100mm. It is suited for accurate pick-and-place applications or light duty material handling.  The CXSJ, compact, dual rod cylinder is available in 2 bore sizes (6mm and 10mm) with strokes up to 50mm.  Both the CXS and the CXSJ can be used with either reed or solid state switches.



  • Clean specifications include 10- (relief type), 11- (vacuum suction type), and 12- (relief type with specially treated sliding parts)
  • Other specifications include copper, fluorine and silicon-free + low partical generation (21- and 22-)
  • Types 10-, 11- and 22- are available with ball bushing or slide bearings
  • Types 12- and 21- have ball bushing bearings 
10/11/12/21/22-CXS, Dual Piston Rods, Clean Room Series, Copper Fluorine Silicone-free
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