10-SYJ3000 Valve, 4/5 Port for Manifold Type 21P/32P, Clean Series

The SYJ Valve is an innovative combination of space efficiency and performance superiority which provides real value to the design solution. Whether designed in a manifold or used as a single valve, this small profile increases design flexibility and minimizes space requirements. The SYJ valve utilizes a low power (0.5 watts standard) pilot solenoid design, which dramatically reduces thermal heat generation. This improves performance, decreases operating costs, and allows for direct control by PLC output relays. All electrical connections for SYJ Valves are available with lights and surge suppression. SYJ series valves can be configured on base mounted manifolds, or individually on sub-plates, creating a variety of solutions to meet your broadest engineering needs.

  • Multiple valve wiring is simplified through the use of the flat ribbon cable connector
  • Manifold: Single base/B mount
  • Voltage: 12, 24 VDC; 100, 110 VAC
  • Clean appearance
10-SYJ3000 Valve, 4/5 Port for Manifold Type 21P/32P, Clean Series
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