10-SS5V*-W*S1*D, EX250 Serial Wiring w/Input/Output Unit Manifold, Clean Series

The 10-SV Clean Room series employs a multi-connector instead of the conventional lead wires for internal manifold wiring. By connecting each block with a connector, changes to manifold stations have been simplified. Cassette base type manifolds offer the ultimate in flexibility. Manifold sections can be added using a simple release mechanism. Conventional tie-rod base type manifolds are also available. The use of 34 pin connectors allows up to 16 stations with double solenoids.

  • Tie rod base EX250 type manifold for SV*valves
  • Serial wiring with input/output unit
  • IP67 protection
  • Number of inputs/outputs: 32 each
  • Maximum 20 stations available as standard
  • Optional DIN rail mount
  • Clean room series
10-SS5V*-W*S1*D, EX250 Serial Wiring w/Input/Output Unit Manifold, Clean Series
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