LECSS, AC Servo Motor Driver, SSCNET Protocols

The LECSS drivers are compatible with the Mitsubishi's servo system controller network, or SSCNET.  LECSS-S drives an AC servo motor with an 18-bit absolute encoder and is compatible with SSCNETIII at up to 50 Mbps bidirectional transmission speed.  LECSS-T drives an AC servo motor with a 22-bit absolute encoder, and is compatible with SSCENTIII/H, offering an even higher 150 Mbps bidirectional transmission speed.  LECSS-T also adds the STO safety function, improved noise reduction and C-UL-US listing.  Both driver types offer pushing operations and are capable of sychronous motion in multi-axis applications.

  • Compatible motors (W): 100/200/400
  • Power supply voltage (VAC, 50/60Hz): 100~120V no longer available; 200~230 (LECSS-S); 200~240 (LECSS-T)
  • Display and settings buttons for direct input and status monitoring
  • LEC-MRC2 Configuration software required (sold separately)
  • C-UL-US listed (LECSS2-T only)
LECSS, AC Servo Motor Driver, SSCNET Protocols
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