SY5100-X30, 5 port Solenoid Valve with Spool Detection

The SY5100-X30 is a 5-port single solenoid valve with spool position detection and a spring return spool.  The return spring assures the return of the valve to the safe state when de-energized without requiring pilot pressure.  The built-in switch provides an ON signal when the valve is de-energized in its safe state and an OFF signal when the valve is energized.  

  • Reliably returns to safe state in case of power loss
  • Main valve position when valve is OFF: Signal output
  • Main valve position when valve is ON: No signal output
  • Validated per ISO13849-2 to basic and well-tried safety principles
  • Internal and external pilot models available
  • Available with M8-3 pin, M8-4 pin and M12-4 pin connector for switch
SY5100-X30, 5 port Solenoid Valve with Spool Detection
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