ZVB, Desktop Duster Box

The ZVB is a cleaning device for small and medium parts sensitive to static and static-induced dust adhesion. It combines three functions - static neutralization, dust removal, and dust collection. Operation begins when a part enters the box and is detected by a photoelectronic sensor. Static removal and vacuum dust collection begin immediately, followed by an air blow. The duration of treatment can be selected by a set switch on the control panel. Suitable workpieces include optical glass, resin molded materials, circuit boards and medical devices.

  • Two models available: ZVB40 (single ionizer) = 210 W x 297 D x 351 H (mm), ZVB40 (double ionizer) = 400 W x 384 D x 390 H (mm)
  • Static electricity removal performed by an IZN10 nozzle iionizer
  • Static neutralization in 1 second or less
  • Ion balance is ±10V
  • Accessories include exhaust hose, dust bag, and AC adapter


ZVB, Desktop Duster Box
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