EX9-OE, Output Block

EX500 a gateway unit to connect EtherNet/IP™ and DeviceNet to SMC valves and digital inputs for sensors for distributed I/O system. Each gateway can control up to 8 valve manifolds and 8 input blocks, with maximum of 128 outputs and 128 inputs. EX500-GEN2 supports Device level Ring (DLR) and EtherNet/IP Quick Connect function. The gateway module has IP65 protection while valve modules and input blocks have IP67 protection ensuring protection against dust and washdown environment.

  • The EX9 output and power blocks can be used with the following SMC serial interface units: EX126, EX250, EX500.
  • Output and power blocks can be added to the valve manifold to effectively use any idle points for uses other than switching manifold valves.
  • Individual NPN output (for CC-Link) or PNP output (the rest) types are available depending on the protocol of the SI unit.
  • Two types of power supplies for the output block depending on the wattage load.
  • Applicable valve manifolds: VQC, SV.
EX9-OE, Output Block
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