HRS, General Use Compact Chiller, 115VAC

HRS, General Use Compact Chiller, 115VAC

HRS compact recirculating chillers are designed to meet the widest range of single-point applications in both industrial and technology settings. The package design is robust enough for the factory, yet ergonomic and compact for lab installations. Coolant can be either heated or cooled within the set temperature range. Choose from six cooling capacities, air or water cooled refrigerant, and global power supply options. This model is compatible with 100 VAC power.

  • Cooling capacities: 1.3 kW, 1.7 kW (at 60Hz)
  • Temperature range setting: 5 to 40°C
  • Temperature stability: ±0.1°C
  • Power supply requirement: single phase 100 VAC, 50/60Hz or 115 VAC, 60Hz
  • Standards: CE, UL, RoHS
  • Circulating fluid: Tap water or 15% ethylene glycol solution
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