HY, Accessory, Mounting Brackets

Production and packaging applications involving food and beverages often need specialized equipment to meet the strict hygiene standards required in these industry sectors.  SMC, the world leader in pneumatic technology, has developed the HY series to meet these requirements.  All the models in the HY series are particularly suitable for application in the "non-food" or "splash" zones of a production line.  Their high quality construction and optional food grease ensure an increased service life.  The HYB series has a round body profile and is available with a rail mounted auto switch, which is fully adjustable along the stroke length, providing improved cleaning benefits. 

  • Accessory: Mounting Brackets
  • Types: C (Single Clevis), D (Double Clevis), E (Clevis Pin), F (Flange), L (Foot)
  • Applicable Bore Sizes: 32mm, 40mm, 50mm, 63mm
HY, Accessory, Mounting Brackets
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