IZT40/41/42, Bar Type Ionizer, Separate Controller and Power Supply Module

The IZT bar ionizer is an industrial static control solution.  Bar ionizers generate a curtain of static eliminating ions effective for a distance up to 2000mm/6.5 ft.  The IZT's low profile is also ideal for tight clearance installations.  Compared to SMC's IZS4 bar ionizers, the power supply and control modules have been separated from the bar, resulting in a reduction in bar height.  IZT bars can be placed closer to static-carriying materials in more confined adjacent spaces.  The separate controller can be mounted in a workstation for easier access and observation during operation.  Models include the standard IZT40, the IZT41 which adds auto-balance, emitter maintenance detection, and I/O signals, and the IZT42 with low amplitude ion generation for sensitive electronics.  Extending the value of IZT, one controller can manage a maximum of 4 ionizing bars.  Needle cartridges are easily removed, without tools, for cleaning or end-of-life replacement, futher extending this ionizer's value.

  • 40 available lengths, with 2 to 41 emitters, up to 2500mm/8.2 ft long
  • High speed or energy saving cartridges in a tungsten or single crystal silicon
  • Controller features multiple function modes and diagnostic LED's
  • 16 metric and inch sized fitting choices available
  • Various cable lengths available for multiple configurations
  • Brackets available for controller, power supply, and bar
  • Optional drop prevention covers retain cartridges if unexpectedly unlocked
IZT40/41/42, Bar Type Ionizer, Separate Controller and Power Supply Module
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