IZTB, Bar Ionizer

The IZTB bar ionizer is the ion emitting component of the IZT static control system.  This component is available for individual configuration as an additional bar to existing 1-bar system, or as a replacement.  A complete system consists of 1 to 4 bars, a single controller, and a power supply module for each bar, plus cables and accessories as required.  These components can also be ordered separately.

  • 40 available lengths, with 2 to 41 emitters, up to 2500mm/8.2 ft long
  • High speed or energy saving cartridges in tungsten or single crystal silicon
  • 16 metric and inch sized fitting choices available
  • 3 high-voltage cable lengths available
  • 2 bracket styles available
  • Plug available for single side entry of purge air line
  • Optional drop prevention covers retain cartridges if unexpecedly unlocked
IZTB, Bar Ionizer
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