JXD1-MDP Driver for Manifold Controller

The JXD1-MDP driver connects LE2 actuators to the manifold controller system. The drivers reside between a gateway and termination unit to complete the system. Each driver can host one or two actuator axes. Up to 8 drivers can be connected in a manifold, controlling up to 16 axes. Operation and feedback signals between the PLC and actuator motor are carried across this connection. The motor power supply connector, which is included, can be wired to include a motor stop switch and a lock force release switch when the actuator is equipped with a lock. The driver housing also includes the connectors between additional drivers, the gateway and termination units. 

  • Compatible Actuators: LE2* Series 
  • Actuator Axes: CH A (1 axis) or CH A + CH B (2 axis) 
  • LED Display: LED (Red/Green) for Motor ON and Alarm 
  • Ambient Temperature Range: 0 to 55°C 
  • Power Supply: 24 VDC ±10% (supplied by gateway connection) 
JXD1-MDP Driver for Manifold Controller
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