KQ2 Conversion Fittings

KQ2 conversion fittings enable quick connection of metric tubing to installed inch fittings and vice versa.  They are available in plug-in reducer and union configurations and can be very useful in facilities where primarily one standard is used with occassinal use of the other.  Several standard configurations that utilize 4mm-5/32" and 8mm-5/16" interchangeability are included here that can also be found in the Inch or Metric product groups.  This configurator is intended to yield valid models that allow an interchange between metric and imperial standards. It may give an error if you attempt to create standard inch X inch or metric X metric models.  In those instances, please utilize the standard KQ2 configurators to create those models.

  • Accepts polyurethane, nylon, soft nylon, FEP and PFA tubes
  • Release collar allows easy removal of tubing without damage
  • Superior seal design permits use in positive pressure and low vacuum applications
KQ2 Conversion Fittings
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