JXC73/83/93, Step Motor Controller, 4 Axis

The JXC73, 83 and 93 are 4-axis controllers for LE's 24VDC step motor driven electric actuators.  Four electric actuators can be controlled within one package, simplifying wiring and economizing space.  Further, the coordination of complex movements is possible.  These movements include 2-axis arc or circular interpolation, 3-axis linear interpolation, and 4-axis speed matching.  The speed matching feature corrects for speed differences between axes that could result from external forces or other factors.  Synchronous positioning with feedback between axes is not available.  JXC73 and JXC83 are NPN and PNP parallel I/O types using two 40-pin cables.  JXC93 uses the EtherNet/IP™ fieldbus protocol to communicate with the PLC.  One line of step data can be called for up to 4 axes of force and movement instructions.  Typical applications include pick and place gantry movement, multi-axis lifting while maintaining orientation and stability, and non-linear path tracing for graphics production or dispensing.

  • Up to 2048 lines of step data, with up to 4 axes of control per line
  • Positioning and pushing operations
  • Absolute and relative movements
  • I/O: NPN/PNP parallel, or EtherNet/IP™
  • Screw bracket or DIN rail mounting
  • 4 LED status indicators
  • Software configuration via laptop USB (software available separately)
JXC73/83/93, Step Motor Controller, 4 Axis
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