LVD-S, 2 Port, High Purity Chemical Valve, Integral Fitting Type

The LVD series are space saving, compact type, air operated high purity valves which are designed to overcome the harsh environments often encountered in wet process applications. Its resin fluid path, makes it the perfect choice when working with acids, alkalis and ultra-pure water. The LVD valves have PFA body materials and integral fittings.  ***We are currently experiencing long lead times for fluoropolymer products.  Please consult with SMC representative for accurate lead times***

  • High purity, compact type with integral fittings
  • Mounting base dimensions conform to SEMI standard F65-1101 (Except for LVD10)
  • New PFA body
  • Piping from 4 directions are possible
  • Variety of tubing sizes available


LVD-S, 2 Port, High Purity Chemical Valve, Integral Fitting Type
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