MWB-UT, Lock Unit

The MWB-UT is a stand alone lock unit compatible with tie-rod cylinders and is ideal for applications requiring intermediate stops, emergency stops, and drop prevention.  The MWB series is an improved design over the MNB series with its improved ease of maintenance with separate lock and cylinder construction.  The exhaust locking design allows for the lock release to be manually operated with a hexagon wrench.  The MWB-Ut series is available with many standard options including three mounting types, port thread variations, and option for coil scraper or stainless steel,  Applicable rod size (mm): 12, 16, 20, 25, 32

  • High stopping accuracy within +/-1mm
  • Holding force up to 6080 N
  • Locking in both directions
MWB-UT, Lock Unit
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