PF2D5, Digital Flow Switch for Pure Water & Chemicals

PF2D is a flow switch for liquids including high purity chemicals, solutions, and deionized water.  The PF2D is a remote sensor that sends output to a 4-channel panel monitor capable of reporting up to 4 separate outputs.  Three flow ranges are available, as well as 3 tube size connections.  The monitor displays instantaneous or accumulated flow, as well as an indicator for switch output.  This 4-channel monitor reduces installation, space, wiring and cost.

  • Digital flow switch for de-ionized water & chemicals
  • Remote type sensor unit
  • Flow rate range: 0.4 to 4l/min ~ 4 to 40l/min
  • Output for display unit with or w/o analog output
  • Port sizes: 3/8", 1/2", 3/4"
PF2D5, Digital Flow Switch for Pure Water & Chemicals
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