PSH Condensation Checker

The PSH Condensation Checker monitors temperature and moisture in a compressed air or non-corrosive gas supply line.  The sensor identifies whether damaging condensation is a risk to the connected equipment.  The detected results are displayed as percent relative humidity and temperature values. Both values can be displayed simultaneously if desired.  The sensor can also respond to the detected values with display color changes and digital switch, outputs, signaling whether the values are within or outside the setpoint ranges. Values can be read and settings changed directly at the sensor, or remotely through analog voltage or IO-Link.  The enclosure is IP65 rated and meets CE and RoHS standards.

  • Rated pressure range: 0.3~1 MPa
  • Operating pressure: ≤ 1 MPa
  • Display units: %R.H. and °C
  • Port size: 1/8 Rc
  • Power supply: 18~30 VDC
  • Output signal: 1-5 VDC (analog option) or IO-Link (option)
  • Display accuracy: ±3°C (temperature), ±5% R.H.
PSH Condensation Checker
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