SS5Z3-60P, 3000 Series, Cassette Type, Plug-in, Flat Cable

Series SZ3000 is a 5 port solenoid valve, body ported type with a cassette style manifold. The SZ series offers high reliability and long life of 50 million cycles or more. The connector entry direction can be changed from top to side with a simple operation. Low power consumption and a fast response time of 10ms are obtained with a unique pilot valve construction.

  • Cassette style, plug-in type manifold
  • Flat cable: 26, 20, 10 pin available
  • Common supply and exhaust
  • Maximum 12 stations available as standard
  • Internal and external pilot available
  • Fitting specs: straight, elbow (upward, downward)
SS5Z3-60P, 3000 Series, Cassette Type, Plug-in, Flat Cable
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